Natural Soap Bar Olive Oil & Activated Charcoal for Face & Body 3.5 oz

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Handmade Soap Bar by One of the Original Nablus Families from a 10th Century Recipe

Activated charcoal, also called activated carbon is obtained by burning natural materials such as wood, regular coal, peat or coconut husks. The source material is burned at a very high temperature to form a lightweight mass of carbonaceous charcoal. It means that all the oxygen was removed from source material through controlled oxidation and or processing by steam.

This soap will take care of oily skin and deep cleans your skin and help reducing acne 

size soap 100g/3.5 oz

Our History

The truly vintage making of soap from the Holy Land's olive oil was the majestic tradition in Nablus city. During the British Mandate, the British Government made an analysis for the soap in London Institution in 1934, to found that all the ingredients are totally Natural and Chemicals free.
Today there are still a few soap makers active in Nablus, with the most prominent of them being the Nablus Soap Company, whose in 1971 Mojtaba Tbeleh had found, a descendant from a 400 years tradition of soap makers. The family has been well known for hundreds of years in this sector.

Nablus Soap Ingredients

Handmade using a small number of Natural ingredients, with a mixture of olive oil and salt as a basis. Nablus Soap is suitable for daily use because it consists entirely of natural, botanical ingredients, including more than 80% virgin olive oil. Nablus Soap contains no preservatives

we have kinds of herbal soaps: black cumin - tea tree oil - thyme - pomegranate - dead sea mud - sage - lavender - saffron - avocado - cinnamon - dates - milk - mint - honey -lemon - grape - figs - oil olive