El Nakhleh Palestinian Zaatar Blend With Thyme and Hyssop

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El Nakhleh Palestinian zaatar the most wanted Palestinian zaatar on Palestine is now available online

Special Palestinian aroma thyme

Premium Zaatar Mix: Elnakhleh  Zaatar is a traditional Palestinian spice blend that is made from aromatic floral herbs with earthy and nutty flavors. Used in Palestinian culture for centuries Zatar spice blend makes for an exotic addition to your stash of spices and seasonings.

Pure Ingredients: A ubiquitous staple in middle eastern kitchens our zaatar spice is made from organic thyme (middle eastern thyme biblical hyssop), toasted sesame seeds among other ingredients to give you a perfect blend of aromatic and nutty flavors.

Versatile Spice: The spice mix is extremely versatile and works fabulously (mostly as a savory spice) with a variety of dishes, like salads, white meats, etc or to flavor cream cheese, yogurt or just fruits.

Non-GMO: This organic spice blend is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, MSG and is Non-GMO to ensure that you get an authentic product of the highest quality.

Avalible in to sizes : 3.52 oz/100 Gram and 8.8 oz/250Gram