Delicate Ceramic Tea Party Set

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Our exquisite Palestinian ceramic tea set is a must-have accessory for every home.

With special new patter delicate floral

Their super practical design allows you to serve any hot drink and make an impression that will last for your guests.

The ceramics are painted by hand and designed with care by skillful craftsmen from Palestine Hebron. Unique hand-painted floral traditional Palestinian culture.  enjoy a top-quality serving experience.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Traditional Palestinian ceramic tea set
  • Hand-painted floral ceramic set
  • Premium quality ceramics
  • Durable serving tea set
  • Practical home accessory
  • Exquisite floral design;
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic materials
  • An ideal present for friends and family
  • Package includes :
    1 pc Large teapot 50 oz
    4 pcs Tea mug 12 oz
    1 pc Large wooden tile tray


Make an impression to your guests with our exquisite ceramic tea set!

❖ Available in 2 designs
Navy Blue / Colorful