About Us

Hebron Arts is a store selling special arts right from the city of Hebron in Palestine own by Palestinian group.

For many decades, the city of Hebron has specialized in the making of traditional glass and ceramic art which has attracted the attention of people from all around the world and they now visit Palestine especially to buy these Palestinian cultural souvenirs.

As a little child, I grew up watching the people in my town making amazing glass and ceramic art with only the help of their hands, and I was always very proud of the results they made. But they have always faced difficulty in marketing their handmade products around the world. They didn’t have the suitable methods to spread the products worldwide and show the rest of the world the particularly beautiful handmade art.

This was one of the reasons that I decided to open this website and offer to sell the products online, so they would be available to people from all around the world. A big part of the profits of the website is going to charities that support Palestinian art-making businesses like ceramics and glass.

Nowadays, there aren’t many factories left that still make special Palestinian art, while in the past there were many of them. 

We now supply to the visitors of the website the best of the most special Palestinian products of Hebron like:

Palestinian kufiya made on Hebron Palestine

Glass arts for home decorations like vases and pitchers

Hand-painted ceramic household items like bowls, mugs, plates, ashtrays, candle holders and many others.


Hebron’s ceramics nowadays are internationally known for their distinct style and careful, creative finishing touches.


Skills in handmade art are handed down through generations of family-owned businesses. The producers always use traditional methods that have been passed on to them from their ancestors. In addition to hand-making the products, they also hand-paint them with unique floral and arabesque patterns. The Palestinian families making this blowing art are the Tamimi family and the Natshey family. The producers of the products are 60% women and 40% men. 


If you’re an admiring person for art, especially Palestinian art, then you would absolutely love to shop on our website in order to bring the Palestinian culture to your home and support our culture. Our products make lovely reminders of your historic trip to Palestine. 

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The owner of the website 

Rida Azem