How to wash a keffiyeh ?

If you know better than to toss your Hirbawi keffiyeh in with the rest of the laundry, you're in wise company. The smart way to do this comes with a hard-earned heritage of Hirbawi keffiyeh-washing. Don't have the time? Fair enough. We've compiled these secret tricks and tips below.

1. Hand Washed, Rather than Machine Wrenched

Although the Hirbawi Keffiyeh is built to last, it emerged in an age and tradition long preceding household appliances. To keep as close to that original store-bought feel for which the Hirbawi keffiyeh is so prized, we recommend nothing less than getting arms wet up to the elbows in cold water with about a teaspoon of mild detergent.

2. Cold Water to Prevent Shrink-factor

Gently ease your fingers through the sumptuous fabric of the Hirbrawi Kufiya in a bowl of cold water. Using cold water it vital as it will safeguard the 49 by 49 inch cloth from becoming a 10 by 10. As a person of fine taste, you of course already knew this.

3. Rubbing not Scrubbing

Take your time to allow the soap lather throughout your Hirbawi Keffiyeh. An all-out scrubbing rampage with some kind of coarse material won't do at all. That's the far too indelicate treatment of the weave. Tougher stains on your Palestinian Hirbawi Keffiyeh are dealt with best if you gently massage the affected area for 5 minutes with the soap suds and strands between the soft parts of your fingers. Time and perseverance trump manpower, especially in this case.

4. Rinse and Roll into a Towel

Gently removing the Hirbawi keffiyeh, rinse it under the cold-water tap until there's no trace of foam left on the garment.

The ideal, but somewhat tedious way of drying a Hirbawi keffiyeh is by folding it over several times and placing it on a flat clean metal or marble surface to squeeze out the bulk of the water. Use the palms of your hands for this. If this isn't an option, a light wrings will do just fine. But refrain from being too harsh with that wringing action as this will stretch the fibers of your beautiful Hirbawi keffiyeh scarf.

The last part of the drying stage requires rolling your damp Hirbawi keffiyeh inside a dry towel. This method prevents the formation of lines that will otherwise stay with you until your next Hirbawi keffiyeh wash day.

5. Spread out and Air Dry

Select a warm place away from direct sunlight to dry your Hirbawi keffiyeh. Make sure the fabric is completely opened out, as folding it will cause creases to remain where you don't want them.

6. Give your Hirbawi Keffiya Time to Air

This is the only one remaining step and it is no less crucial that it is followed properly. If there's any moisture in cotton, the chance of mold is substantial. In the arid regions of the world, the soft, closely-woven fibers don't face this sort of challenge. In other words, washing your Hirbawi Keffiyeh in a warm or temperate season is key.


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