Who Hebron Glass Made Goblet Glasses

Hebron glass has international fame, from which it makes the most exquisite goblet glass, glass and ceramic dishes and ceramics from high-quality raw materials that are lead-free. It is therefore easy to purchase and acquire it.

The history of glass manufacturing in the Palestinian city of Hebron dates back to the first and second century AD, were found a lot of archaeological glass artifacts there, which also includes what dates back to the twelfth century AD. It is believed that this industry came to the city from the Phoenician cities on the coast where the glass industry ceased to achieve huge prosperity in the city until its glass becomes world-famous.

Hebron glass

As the glass of Hebron does not only make lanterns from it but also glass cups and dishes and its spread globally began in the sixteenth century AD through camel caravans to Egypt and the Levant and then through Jewish merchants.

hebron glass goblet

Currently, the Hebron glass industry, from which the different cups are made, is limited to three workshops that employ about sixty skilled men and women workers in that industry, and due to the conditions of the Zionist occupation and the recent events of the second intifada, it imposed on this industry many obstacles and restrictions that reduced its production and affected It significantly increased.

hebron glass swirl goblet

Also, European production has become a strong and competitive presence of Hebron glass as well as Japanese and Egyptian production of glass, but the historical entity of Hebron glass makes it luster difficult to resist, making the search for the production of Hebron glass with great qualities important for many people, so do not miss its acquisition no matter how difficult Search for it.

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