What is Hebron Glass ?

 The glass Hebron is considered one of the traditional industries that are characterized by the city of Hebron, and the glass Hebron is known for its prosperity since the old days, as the city of Hebron is known as an important tourist attraction to buy antiques and gifts

In view of the importance of Hebron glass, there are many families in Hebron that depend on the production of glass as a source of income for the family, and the secrets of the profession have been preserved and transferred from grandparents to children by these families who work in glass factories located outside the city

Hebron Glass Products :


There are various products made with Hebron glass, and the process of making them is done by hand using traditional tools, we find home décor and utensils in different shapes and colors, whether vases, cups or works of art that are used for decorating or given as gifts. The Hebron glass is also used in the manufacture of jewelry and necklaces colored in blue and green.

How to manufacture Hebron glass :


As for the method of making products for Hebron glass, they pass through specific stages, beginning with the collection of a significant amount of glass, where it is placed in a high-temperature oven, in order to completely melt it and after melting it is placed in another oven with a lower temperature to cool gradually and be formed upon request, And the color of the molten glass is usually white, but within seconds it takes a certain color. For the work of Hebron glass in different colors, colored dyes are added to the glass according to the pieces to be manufactured.

When the craftsman formed the glass the way he wanted, he used a set of tools , and the craftsman uses an iron pipe, he also uses scissors to cut the glass piece as he wants and adjust it to fit

- Drawing on glass Hebron 

And glass Hebron, after it is manufactured, different graphics are added upon request, so the craftsman creates decorative drawings of an Arab character, depicts folk dances, customs and traditions, and what pertains to folklore, and intends to impart the eastern spirit to his work by writing verses, wisdom and poems in various Arabic fonts, or ordinary decorative drawings And engineering

- Drilling on Hebron glass

Regardless of the drawings that are made on the Hebron glass, drilling can also be done on this glass, although this process requires accuracy and precaution during work, as the acid is poured into the dropper over the grooves only. And produced by these methods all kinds of etched glass, hookahs, vases and oriental pieces of decor and accessories.

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