What is Goblet Glass?

In this article, we are happy to talk about the goblet glass in which water or juices are placed, as well as goblet glass of wine, which is characterized by a certain beautiful luster that makes them a favorite among most people for regular cups, as well as their cheap prices compared to, for example, gold or silver cups, or even crystal and ceramic cups.

Goblets of water and juices, for example, are cups that exceed the cups of wine by ten to fifteen percent of their known size, preferably placed on the table on the right, and whenever they are clear and thin, the higher the price and the more sophisticated.


This goblet consists of a base at the bottom and a neck in the middle, and the forms of the cups vary. They may be of long, thin or short neck to the degree of adhesion of the base directly to the cup. As for the bases of the cups, they are either circular or oval and may be thick, thin, wide or small.

As for the decorations on the goblets, they are varied in terms of shapes and colors, and the cup may be without decorations, and its appearance is wonderful, and on the way it is sold, it will have a system of six cups or twelve cups, so that each of the guests or homeowners has a share of those goblets.


To transfer the glass goblets in a way that does not make them subject to breakage or scratching, as it loses its job or good appearance, you have to pack it with cloth, cotton, or cardboard, or keep it in the cabinet, not in the open air.

It is not recommended that hot drinks be placed in glass goblet due to their delicacy, which may lead to them being split with the power of the hot drink. Also, the individual will not be able to carry him while he is hot even from the base, as the drink will fall on him.

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