The Story Behind Shemagh

A shemagh or a keffiyeh is a scarf worn in the desert to protect the wearer from heat and sand. Often worn in the Palestine region, this piece of cloth is not just a scarf for the Middle Eastern countries. The Shemagh is a symbol of culture and heritage and holds great value for all those who dwell there.

The story behind Shemagh

The shemagh likewise called a keffiyeh and ghutrah – actually originated in the Middle East. They are a scarf-type cloth regularly found in the arid regions to provide safety from the direct sun its exposure and to shield the mouth and eyes from blown sand and dust. It's like a bandana but a lot bigger. It has been embraced by military powers everywhere throughout the world as a standard-issue article of clothing in light of its sheer usefulness.

 For an outdoorsman or survivalist, the shemagh can be an instrument with actually several employments. Combined with goggles, the shemaghs are worn in a triangular manner tied down the middle and are sometimes used to cover the face as well. This particular style is additionally ordinarily polished by troops in vehicles who use it in increasingly mild atmospheres to battle the breeze and chill of being in a moving vehicle. For a considerable length of time, shemagh has been given to British fighters. Due to its utility, it was before long received by Middle Eastern units too. The article of clothing's utilization by some military and police units of the previous British Empire goes back to before World War II. They were worn while working in North Africa as an approach to battle the cruel breezes and continuous dust storms. After the war, the shemagh kept on being utilized in both desert and calm regions. The piece of clothing has likewise been being used with the Australian military since the Vietnam War, and broadly during the Afghanistan wars and Iraq. Since the start of the "War on Terror," the shemagh has been embraced by US troops too, who generally use the cotton olive shemaghs with dark sewing.

A lot if tying technics 

The various ways of tying a shemagh and the different colors all have a different story to tell. While the red shemagh is often associated with Jordan, the black and white pattern is related to Iraq. Similarly, the white and red pattern is associated with the Arabian Peninsula. However, the variation in colors is also a means of fashion in many parts of the world.

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