How do you wear a keffiyeh?

The keffiyeh is a functional garment and wearing an original Hirbawi keffiyeh is often a matter of comfort, but fashion has its place too. Then there are the more ancient intonations of desert culture. We've covered all the necessary bases here.

It may surprise you how easy it is to change the style of your Hirbawi keffiyeh, and how little time this takes; This is a process which usually takes only 4 or 5 easy steps to accomplish.

As a scarf/bandana

In the post-COVID 19 world, the everyone has a new reason to seek the luxury of a premium quality Hirbawi keffiyeh. Malaysia and much of the Arab world already knew this, but for the rest of us, ear-tugging facemasks made by the pharmaceutical industry were the best that we could muster at a time of need. Until now, that is. Apart from staving of infectious disease though, a broader use is to keep the cold air off your throat in the wintertime.

1. The first step is to fold your Hirbawi keffiyeh diagonally so as to form a triangle.

2. Place the mid-point of the straight side over your nose and mouth.

3. Then, take the loose ends and cross them over each other behind your neck so that they meet in front.

4. Cross them again (so that they meet at the back of your neck) and firmly, but not too firmly, tie a basic knot at the back of your neck with the loose strands.

Style guide:

You have the option here of both a scarf and a bandana. To turn your Hirbawi keffiyeh into a scarf, just pull down the part that rests on your mouth.

As a minimalist scarf

A neater but more intricate version of the scarf exists too, and it more closely resembles a face mask than the loose hanging bandana version. This one does require a jacket or some garment that you can tuck in the overhang of your scarf into though.

1 & 2, For this style, you'll follow the first two steps as above with your Hirbawi keffiyeh, but instead of crossing the two ends over the back of your neck, you'll do the same thing much higher up, over the back of your head at the highest point of your ears.

3. Tug the two pieces of fabric in a downward direction over the front of your shoulders while being careful to keep the fabric of your Hirbawi keffiyeh positioned behind your head.

4. Now, take the two pieces over the v-shaped part of the triangle which hangs in front, and tie them over each other. No need worry about the overhang. There are now two strands along with the V-shaped cloth.

5 Tuck both the V and the two suspended strands under your jacket

As a Loose Scarf

One of the two styles that are most expected when you think of a keffiyeh is the loose neck-scarf version. For this one, it's only necessary to follow the first three steps outlined above with your Hirbawi keffiyeh. The other, and even more familiar style is the traditional headscarf, but it's best to follow picture-based instructions for that, as it's quite intricate.

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