Hebron glass Manufacture Story

Hebron Glass intends to collaborate with fair trade associations and utilize reused bottles from nearby homes and organizations as the raw base material in a considerable lot of their products. The fuel for the broilers and heaters is repurposed engine oil from neighborhood carports. The Israeli-Palestinian clashes and requirements on an opportunity of development in Palestine have affected the business, yet by reusing these regular materials, Hebron Glass can keep the specialty alive and maintainable. They additionally endeavor to give a protected and worthwhile workplace for their craftsmen. Hebron Glass makes an assortment of hanging plates, vases, bowls, goblet glasses, pitchers, and jars. All tabletop things are without lead, so they are totally safe to utilize. Phoenician glasswork and pottery runs in the family of the proprietors of Hebron Glass and is fundamental to local heritage.



Delightful, beautiful swirls of the ocean glass are the thing that depicts the craft of Hebron Glass, a family-owned customary Palestinian glass blowing business. Craftsman and co-owner Hamzeh Natsheh say that as indicated by family ancestry, this specialty relates with the Natsheh family's quality in Hebron between 122 BCE–330 CE Established in 1890 and situated in the city of Hebron in the West Bank, Hebron Glass utilizes roughly 60 craftsman’s who work in one of three workshops over the city or from their homes. All the glasswork done typifies genuine old accounts of Palestinians, one of a kind shapes and examples. Each home utilized and still uses, the glass made in Hebron as a Palestinian convention.

A symbol of beauty and culture intertwined


The Hebron Glass is a symbol of culture and Palestinians have used these glass artifacts for ages. The Hebron Glass is still found in Palestinian houses and has been a part of the culture for ages. The beautiful designs are inspired by cultural stories and that is why the Hebron Glass is regarded as one of the most authentic glassworks of the region. The various colors and unique designs have not only gained them popularity in the Middle East but have also become a preference all around the world. Moreover, the Hebron Glass and its craftsman are one of the most sought after glass artists in the world. The methods and designs used to make hand-blown glass and hand-thrown ceramics are a family and trade secret and it takes approximately five years to learn the art. However, the glass and the finishing depends on the skills of the workers as they face the hot temperatures with the utmost grace and dedication towards their work.

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