Best Christmas Gift Ideas – Hirbawi Keffiyeh Scarves for an Authentic Gift

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift for friends or family? Give them something special this festive season with an authentic Hirbawi Keffiyeh scarf. These scarves are traditional clothing in Palestine and a great way to show your support for the nation; plus, they look so stylish!

Also known as the “Kufiya” or “Hatta,” the Keffiyeh scarf comes in various color options and patterns that suit any outfit. Hebron Arts bring you a collection of Keffiyeh scarves in dozens of color options and styles. Pick up one for yourself, and buy a few for others in your life; they make a standout, thoughtful gift and one of the best seasonal stocking stuffers!

These scarves are an affordable way to show those people you love in your life that you’re thinking about them this Christmas. You get a high-quality gift with expert hand-stitching , non-toxic dyes producing and the largest keffiyeh in the market 47inch by 47 inch an amazing gift that your friends and family will find fantastic.

Check out the range of scarves available, and choose your favorites. There’s a scarf to suit any style and any fashionistas desires. These scarves are great gifts for men, women, boys, and girls, giving you a flexible gift option that’s simply outstanding for the festive season this year.

hirbawi colorful Keffiyeh bethlehem

1. Colorful Bethlehem Keffiyeh

Beautiful kufiyas scarf with multi colors blue color base and zizags very fashionable scarf



2. Qbatiya Green Keffiyeh

Special green color kufiya with black line very majestic kaffiyeh

hirbawi black kufiyas

3. Solid black keffiyeh

The most wanted kufiya and best seller pure black kufiya 

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